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STEM Safe Roads

Hello, my name is Michael, I am one of the four school crossing supervisors at Mount Evelyn.

Maurice and Mary operate the slip road into Clegg Road, Mount Evelyn.  Michael and Gabriel work on Monbulk Road opposite Mount Evelyn Primary School.

For some time, traffic numbers have increased significantly and it was this that we as crossing supervisors sought to have 40km flashing lights installed to ensure traffic adhered to school zone speeds between 8 am – 9.30am, 2.30pm – 4 pm.

Having much discussion and exchange of correspondence, it was during the Christmas period 2018/2019 new 40 km flashing lights were installed.  The volume of vehicles along this road is high and we say that no cost should be a life lost.

Our task as crossing supervisors is to ensure the safe crossing of all students, parents and siblings.  Make all aware of the dangers of not playing around.  Watch and listen for instruction and importantly listen for two whistles.

What we see as the positives are the joy and smiles of children.  We try to engage with them by saying good morning and afternoon.  Kids will always want to show you something special and we acknowledge their work.

What we see as a negative is still have some drivers who for whatever reason fail to acknowledge 40km.  We have had these people, where we get evidence dealt with by the police to educate them to become safer drivers.

Now that the new 40 km signs have been installed we are still seeing speeding drivers.  For me personally, I’d like to hold up a black hairdryer, this looks like a speed gun.  For sure, a reaction to speed would be noticed.

Drivers -Respect the people in yellow on our school crossings.

For children – We are your safeguard.

Look-Listen-Walk on two whistles.