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We are thrilled to launch our new STEM Girls Book Collection. We have carefully selected an assembly of STEM literature that nurtures and inspires young readers to develop their curiosity and engage in STEM.

Our learning environment ensures that every child is fully engaged in their learning and supported to develop the knowledge and skills needed for a rapidly changing world. Our child-centred road safety public relations campaign is managed by our STEM Girls!

STEM Girls are excited to announce that we are launching new projects in 2021 & 2022. We look forward to sharing our new initiatives. Stay tuned for further updates.

3D crossing at MtEvelynPS

STEM Girls have taken part in the VicRoads Towards Safer Speeds program. We aimed to change driver behaviour on the roads through a positive and unique approach that uses STEM education to promote safer speeds. Of course, we couldn’t have achieved as much as we have without the help and support from our friends the STEAM Queens from Lilydale High School. You can find out about this important partnership on this website.

We have been heavily invested in linking in as many community members as possible so everyone benefits. Our interactive campaign is child-focused as we have future leaders (kids) take responsibility for making positive changes for their own communities and for their future. Of course, in liaison with government and community groups who can offer advice and support. We have identified that we need to make a change for safer speeds and are continuing this campaign throughout 2018/2019.

VicRoads Towards Safer Speeds Student logo 1


First school in Victoria to have a 40 school zone

24 August 2019

Credit: Article from MEPS Centenary Edition 1910 – 2010, p100 In 1987 Mrs Doris Riley and her young daughter were knocked down on the school crossing, and Mrs Riley spent more than two months in hospital. For five years before this, parent Mrs Ann Dodkins and other had been campaigning to protect their children from…

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Crossing art to spread the road safety message

23 August 2019

Credit: Romy Stephens, Ranges Trader Mount Evelyn Primary School’s science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) girls have unveiled their new 3D pedestrian crossing, created to raise awareness towards road safety. The artwork, featuring three sets of wallaby legs sticking out from underneath the crossing rectangles, is hoped to grab drivers attention so they slow down…

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3D crossing developed by school students

15 August 2019

The Towards Safer Speeds Challenge and the Stemgirls are proud to showcase our latest traffic calming interventions. Over two years, we have investigated and designed a diverse range of road safety measures to slow speeds on our roads. The crossing idea evolved over this period of time. Our wallaby crossing is the first 3D crossing…

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A pedestrian crossing that jumps out at you

12 August 2019

Credit: Roadside Services The latest innovation in line marking is just a hop, skip and jump away. Students at Mount Evelyn Primary School will hop straight into school and home again with this artistic pedestrian crossing recently installed by Roadside Services and Solutions on Monbulk Road, Mount Evelyn, outside the school. The pedestrian crossing was…

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Safety Pete steps up

15 May 2019

The incredible animal the platypus is a unique Australian Species. The STEM girls wanted to use an animal from our local area in their 3D artwork. Did you know that platypus lives in Olinda Creek and surrounding areas? We created Safety Pete to represent the Towards Safer Speeds Challenge so he can connect and share…

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Student Led Learning

9 April 2019

This is what our Towards Safer Speeds Campaign looks and feels like… #sounds4safespeeds – Spotify playlist. We are providing an incentive for community members to join our campaign. We are targeting our audiences with a Spotify playlist that can be adapted and downloaded by community members. “What are your musical chops?” “That makes you think,…

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