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MtEvelyn Stem Grils 2019 Team

Local Community Activism

Local Community Activism What does that mean?

We asked Josh Blake a former Mount Evelyn Primary student to share his experiences in activism and advocacy on causes that mattered to him.  In the video, he tells his story about traffic in Mount Evelyn and how instigated a road safety campaign to make York Road a safer road for everyone.  Josh’s story is inspiring and we were surprised that before the York Road traffic lights he waited for one hour to walk across the road with his dog.

Josh didn’t want kids to go through the same problem and he set up a campaign to make this local road safer.

At the end of the video, our STEM girls asked Josh for advice to help them consolidate our Towards Safer Speeds Challenge campaign and seek advice from Josh on how they can manage a successful community campaign that makes a difference.

Zoe commented that “People really cared about this project”

Olivia said that “Kids can do the same and achieve anything like adults do”.

Sasha was proud that Josh achieved so much as a kid.

Anna has identified another unsafe road near the servo.

Avril showed Josh our traffic data that showed 85% of our drivers are speeding in a 40km zone.

Our STEM girls are getting out and about working with others in the community to educate others about safer speeds on our roads.  They are learning skills using STEM to solve problems and create solutions.